15CR-20 - Temperature probe with bayonet cap
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15CR-20 - Temperature probe with bayonet cap


Suitable for measuring temperature in plastics and rubbers industries. The probe is mounted to the process with a threaded nipple locked with a bayonet cap. The insertion length can be adjusted by rotating the bayonet cap on the spring. This probe is customizable on customers' requirements.

Application fields
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Technical data
Temperature range

(-200+600)°C (according to the configuration)

Degree of protection

IP44÷67 (according to the configuration)


NTC-PTC-PT100-PT1000-Thermocouple (more sensors are available on request)

Case material

Nickel plated brass,galvanized brass metal, galvanized iron (more materials available on request)

Cable material

TPE, silicone, PVC, fluoropolymers, fiber glass (more materials available on request)


Tinned, pins, connectors (other terminals are available on request)

Response time

5”/10” in non static liquid at 63,2% (according to the configuration)


Laser marking on cable, label ( customizable on request)

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