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Our commitment to the environment continues!

SACET has chosen an impact-neutral gas supply for 2024, whereby 100 per cent of the carbon dioxide caused by the use of natural gas is offset through the co-financing of ad hoc projects.
A company's environmental strategy is part of its acceptance of responsibility towards the local and global community.
Environmental issues require an imminent and decisive raising of awareness and dissemination of information on how to deal with the issue and how to find the right solutions. 

The optimal path that any environmentally sensitive company should take is:
  • optimise its energy consumption and thus promote and realise substantial savings in energy use through good planning and by stimulating or incentivising the use of sustainable mobility by employees; 
  • using energy produced from renewable sources and spreading awareness of this; 
  • offsetting the emission of polluting gases through the acquisition of 100% CO2 offsetting gas.

Sustainability considerations that must be part of a broad ESG project.


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