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MOCA compliance for food contact

One of Sacet's main objectives is to support client companies in improving the performance of their technological processes, ensuring continuity and maximising value to meet the requirements of the food industry. MOCA (Food Contact Material or Object) and FCM (Food Contact Materials) compliance are fundamental homologations for materials and objects intended for contact with food. The following objects fall into this category

  • products intended to be brought into contact with foodstuffs;
  • products already in contact with foodstuffs and intended for that purpose;
  • products which will come into contact with foodstuffs in the future or which can transfer their constituents to foodstuffs under their normal conditions of use.

The Declaration of Conformity for MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) is necessary to demonstrate compliance with food safety legislation: MOCA are in fact regulated by national and EU (European Union) regulations. This documentation must be made available to the competent authorities that request it. The MOCA Declaration of Conformity serves to convey the information necessary to ensure compliance is maintained throughout the supply chain and includes information useful to stakeholders that can also be verified by supervisory bodies.
Our pinhole probes are suitable for temperature sensing in refrigeration and air conditioning applications and in controlling the cooking/killing cycle of food. Cooking and blast chilling, as well as the quality of the raw material, are the factors that most influence the dishes we bring to the table, both in terms of final flavour and texture. Food temperature should be measured at the core, i.e. at the deepest point. The pin probe is the irreplaceable tool for temperature control during cooking or when chilling food. Sacet also uses suitable packaging for the packaging of the probes that will come into contact with food as these bags are also produced following the MOCA (materials-objects-food-contact) guidelines, Ministerial Decree (Health) - L. 21/03/1973 - Disciplina igienica degli imballaggi, recipienti, utensili destinati a venire in contatto con le sostanze alimentari o con sostanze d'uso personale.
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